Grassroots Meat

Grassroots Meat is a 100% grass-finished beef farm located in the beautiful, rolling hills outside River Falls, WI.  Our cattle are raised on managed pastures and hay, which makes them healthy and hardy.  We practice organic farming and understand the importance of treating our cattle humanely.  Raised under these conditions, Grassroots Meat is proud and pleased to offer top quality 100% grass-finished beef.  We have many purchase options designed to suit each individual customer.  We welcome your visit to Grassroots Meat and the opportunity it gives us to personally introduce you to grass-finished beef.

What Does “Pasture Raised” Mean?

Our cattle graze on fresh grass and are moved to new “paddocks” daily.  As a result, the cattle have a supply of highly nutritious food daily, and the pastures have a chance to restore growth.  The resulting meat is tender, flavorful, and low in fat.

River Falls, Wisconsin

The Galloway's coat is said to have more hair than any other domestic breed. It keeps the cattle warm and dry in winter and is shed off during summers.